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Tests currently available:

PCT (Procalcitonin)
2in1 CRP/PCT
SAA (Serum Amyloid A)


2in1 Troponin/BNP
3in1 troponin/Myoglobin/CKMB

Diabetes & Renal
Cystatin C
Β2 – Microglobulin



Tumour Markers

Tests available soon:
Vitamin D, S100β, ST2, LP-PLA, & PAPP-A

Suresign Finecare Analyser Features

Easy to use

All tests run on the Finecare analyser use simple fingerstick blood or a small aliquot of venous blood. All tests use a simple & recognisable cassette design improving familiarity and therefore ease of use. In a recent General Practice study of the analyser in 94% of cases clinicians found the analyser to be fairly or very convenient to use. All test kits have a long shelf life & are stored at room temperature.

No calibration required

The Finecare analyser does not need any calibration, all calibration data for any individual test type is included in a code chip supplied with each new test kit. This enables easy & rapid use of the analyser and gives the analyser the ability to run new tests without the need for software updates.

Large test menu

Currently there are 30 different Finecare tests available, all of which run on the Finecare analyser. New tests are being launched on a regular basis.

Laboratory standard results

In external evaluations the Finecare analyser has been shown to provide laboratory standard results ensuring users of the product at the point of care can confidently rely on results obtained from the Finecare tests. All tests include an on-board control ensuring the efficacy of the test. The 10,000 test memory, on board printer & interface ability remove the risk of administrative errors.

Virtually maintenance free

Simply keep it clean. All sample & any fluids are kept within the test cassette & therefore there is no requirement for fluidic pumps etc enabling the analyser to be virtually maintenance free.

Light & compact

The Finecare analyser has a small footprint & is lightweight rendering it suitable for hospital, GP clinics & for transport to care homes etc.

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Suresign Finecare Analyser Chip

Powered by innovation

The Suresign Finecare Analyser has the widest range of tests available of any analyser of its type. The innovative test design allows the analyser menu to be easily expanded thus future proofing the product. The data chip, supplied with each test kit, allows the analyser to be used without the need for calibration & enables the user to run newly released tests without the need for software updates.

Innovation included

The Finecare test system uses many innovative designs including the innovative yet simple to use sampling device as used in the Finecare CRP test for sampling fingerstick blood.

Suresign Finecare Analyser Dropper

Arthur Medical Practice

Antibiotic prescriptions reduced by 29%

Arthur Medical Practice

UK GP practice using Suresign Finecare CRP test.

The Arthur Medical Practice, Horsley Woodhouse, Derby were, in line with Government initiatives, looking for ways to reduce their level of antibiotic prescribing and CRP testing of patients presenting with lower respiratory infections was a key area they wished to explore.

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The Finecare reader was a very welcome addition to the Arthur Medical Centre. My colleagues and I found it easy to carry out point of care CRP testing, and it was encouraging to see the positive impact it had on reducing our antibiotic prescribing for Lower Respiratory Tract Infections.

Dr Kathryn Pontin

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