Products currently available:

SSP-RT-46: Suresign Professional Strep A Test Cassette.

SSP-RT-98: Suresign Professional RSV Test Cassette.

SSP-RT-99: Suresign Professional Influenza A+B Test Strip.

SSP-RT-88: Suresign Professional H.Pylori Ag Test Cassette.

SSP-RT-91: Suresign Professional Rotavirus Ag Test Cassette.

SSP-RT-92: Suresign Professional Nora/Adeno/Rota Ag 3in1 Panel Test Cassette.

All products bar Strep A testing are available on an annual contract basis only.

SSP-RT-95: Suresign Professional Malaria (P.f/Vivax) Serum/Whole Blood Test Cassette.

SSP-RT-96: Suresign Professional Malaria (Pan-LHD) Whole Blood Test Cassette.

SSP-RT-93: Suresign Professional Legionella Urinary Antigen Test Cassette.

SSP-RT-94: Suresign Professional CMV IgG/IgM Combo Test Cassette Serum/Whole Blood/Plasma.

SSP-RT-45: Suresign Professional Mononucleosis Test Cassette (Serum).

A wider range of products are available on request & depending on volume required.
The above products are also available through the NOECPC Framework Agreement.

Key features

  • Each test has an on-board procedural control.
  • Qualitative and quantitative tests available depending upon test parameter.
  • Available in cases of 25 tests.


  • Small sample volume required.
  • Suitable for a range of sample types.

Easy to use

  • Simple one or two step tests.

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