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SPHY 101 Twin Tube Sphygmomanometer with reusable cuff

  • Special aluminium alloy manometer.
  • Classic reusable, adult size nylon cuff.
  • 2-tube PVC bladder.
  • Standard PVC bulb.
  • Large air release valve with spring.
  • Taper end valve.
  • Zipped vinyl carry bag.

SPHY 102 Single Tube Sphygmomanometer

  • Chrome plated metal case.
  • 48mm dial diameter.
  • Stainless steel handle.
  • Nylon reusable, adult cuff.
  • 1-tube PVC bladder.
  • Standard PVC bulb.
  • Taper end valve.
  • Zipped vinyl carry bag.

SPHY 103 Single Tube Shock Proof Sphygomomanometer

  • Shockproof rubber casing.
  • ABS plastic upper case.
  • Large 60.0mm dial diameter.
  • Two handling modes.
  • Two stage deflation valve, rapid & precise.
  • Reusable, adult nylon cuff.
  • 1-tube PVC bladder.
  • Ribbed PVC bulb.
  • Taper end valve with dust filter.
  • Nylon carry bag.

SPHY 105 Desk/Wall Type Sphygmomanometer

  • Desktop or wall mountable.
  • Large round dial, diameter 113mm.
  • Integrated cuff holder.
  • Nylon adult, reusable cuff.
  • 2-tube TPU bladder.
  • Standard latex bulb.
  • Air release valve with spring.
  • Standard end valve.
  • Spiral PVC tube (1.4mm).

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